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BRCGS Food/Food Issue 9/V9 Transition Checklist

BRCGS Food/Food V9 Standard was published on 01.08.2022 and all audits after 01.02.2023 will be carried out with BRCGS Food / Food V9 standard. If certified companies do not have renewal audits by this date, they will have six months to transition to the BRCGS Food / Food V9 Standard. In the transition to the BRCGS Food/Food V9 standard, I prepared the changes in all the items of the standard you need only for the transition, in a simple language as if asking the team during the audit, in the form of a question list with a total of 203 questions. I've added notes to the practitioner below each question for explaining how you can apply it. The questions in this question list and the practical notes for each question have been prepared with my 18 years of active BRCGS audit experience, using the following resources. • BRCGS Food/Food V9 Standard • BRCGS Food/Food V9 Key Changes • BRCGS Food/Food V9 Interpretation/Application Guide The practical notes for each question are also a training note for BRCGS Food V9 Transition for companies. If you progress by making this list of questions on our Suswise Quickcheck/Question List application, you will be entitled to receive the BRCGS V9 Transition Training certificate when you achieve a minimum of 90% success in each part of this question list. What benefits will you provide if you complete the changes in your BRCGS V9 Transition process with our Suswise Quickcheck/Question List application; • You first measure your current situation by answering the questions from anywhere on your phone, tablet or computer. There are three answer choices for each question. You can mark as I fully provide the question, I partially provide the question (i.e. I have deficiencies), I cannot provide the question at all (that is, I do not have any of this item with this situation). Or, if the relevant standard item is not applicable to you, you can exclude it from the scope. • You can follow instant report on your home ğage about which task is in which department, how many have been completed, how many are missing, whether there is an overdue task, if there is an expired task, in which department it is waiting • When you make this first mark, your initial success percentage in each section is revealed. • For questions that you answer partially or not at all, you assign tasks to yourself or your teammates via the software, give them deadlines and ask them to complete the tasks with you. • As the missions are completed, your initial success percentage changes and improves, and when you achieve at least 90% success in each section, you are entitled to receive the BRCGS V9 Transition Training certificate.
Existing Standards
BRCGS V9 Changes
QuickCheck Content
Relevant Standard Item NoTask TitleTask DetailsExpectation
1.1.1Senior Management Commitment-PolicyDoes the food safety policy include a commitment to improving the site’s food safety and quality culture? Notes to Practitioner-1: A commitment to improving the site’s food safety and quality culture should be included in the food safety policy. Notes to Practitioner-2: A policy should clearly indicate the overall objectives for meeting customer requirements, including the provision of safe, authentic products of the quality desired by the customer. Notes to Practitioner-3: The policy must be signed by a senior manager responsible for the site. In case the policy is common to a group company, it must be approved by the management of the group company. As the management changes, the policy should be reviewed and updated if necessary. Notes to Practitioner-4: The policy must be conveyed to all employees, including temporary and contracted personnel, provided by employment agencies, in their own language, and personnel must have adopted the policy.Document
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