Nazar Adanır
Quality Systems Consultant

GMP Audit

With the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) audit question list: 1. You reach the GMP question list ready and start the direct inspection 2. At the end of the inspection, you will see your automatic success score for each title you have inspected, for example, pest control or cleaning. 3. At the end of the audit, you invite the responsible persons from the system for the nonconformities, and enable them to close the nonconformities through the suswise system. You don't need to collect closure evidence by mail. 4. After each proof of closure, your success rate increases and at the end of the audit you can track how well you have accomplished all closures. This list of questions allows you to perform a GMP audit under 14 topics in total. These headings are: External site, production, staff facilities, cleaning, pest control, auxiliary materials, water, maintenance, waste, hygiene, packaging, lighting and ventilation, warehouse, training.
Existing Standards
fabrika denetimi, gmp
QuickCheck Content
Relevant Standard Item NoTask TitleTask DetailsExpectation
1GMP Control-Pest ControlIs pest control carried out regularly and within the program, according to the risk analysis, throughout the plant/facility?Practice/Record
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